Pissouri has managed to do something no other village has been able to do it has retained its traditional Cypriot character while adapting very successfully to welcome visitors. The touristic part, on the waterfront, offers luxurious hotels and fish taverns, where the atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly.

Pissouri is protected on either side by the rocky outcrops of bleached cliffs extending into crystal clear sea. The approach to the bay is through a valley of vineyards and orchards. Pissouri’s surroundings are spectacular. It is set on the eastern slopes of the ridge reaching the sea at Cape Aspro, about 500 feet high on average - the highest point on the ridge is about 800 feet.

To the East, it is possible to see the countryside and the shore line all the way to Limassol and even beyond, and to the north the whole of the Troodos range, including Mount Olympus, at more than 6000 ft, the highest mountain on the island.

Columbia Beach Resort 5*

  • > Equal distance from Limassol and Paphos
  • > Charm and refinement
  • > Conference facilities
  • > Excellent quality of services and facilities at Hebe Spa
  • > One of the most beautiful bays in Cyprus
  • > 15 minute walk to the main golf courses in Cyprus